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Our mission

With advances in technology, we have become globally connected, but locally isolated. At Konnect, our mission is to leverage the latest technology to not only bring back the connection we have lost in the modern world, but take it beyond what has ever been possible. Imagine a world where you could access human connection as easily as calling a ride.

Social impact

Throughout human history, technology has taken what is scarce and made it abundant. Here's our moonshot: we have a goal of helping 1 billion people make 1 new friend by 2030, creating an abundance of human connection.

Values that drive our community


Passionate people spreading love and positivity.


Everyone belongs no matter who or where they are.


Become the best version of yourself by serving others.


There is nothing more fulfilling than positive human connection.


Harness the power of community.

Here's Our Roadmap to Success

There is nothing we can't accomplish together as a community.


Launch Platform with Minimal Feature Set

Build an amazing product with feedback from our community

in progress

Expand our reach to positively Impact 1 Billion Lives by 2030

Join us on our journey to impacting 1 billion lives, and beyond

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